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August 3, 2020 in Blog, Reviews - boundbythebook

A Little Backstory…

I’ve anticipated the release of this book for most of 2020. I’m new to Alice Feeney’s writing but the synopsis is what hooked me and “made” me (lol) preorder this book.

What I Enjoy in Mystery/Suspense/Thrillers

I feel I must preface my review with my own personal preferences so that I can adequately describe what this book was for me in order to help potential readers. Some bibliophiles don’t necessarily prefer to have a suspense/thriller/mystery novel build over 100 pages or so. I can totally understand that.

For me, those are the kinds I enjoy most because I like to be challenged with the mental dilemmas that these types of novels bring. I’m very much inside my head most of the time anyway and this gives my brain the work it wants which is to solve whatever needs solving. If this sounds like you, this is an AMAZING book for you and I highly suggest reading it.

Moving On to the Review…

If you prefer not to have a “heady” read, involving lots of build up, character development, and backstory through the first 150 pages, this may not be the perfect fit for you. I still suggest giving it a try if you’re on the fence.

A crime is committed and that’s where this story begins. It’s told through dual perspectives in the same timeline, alternating back and forth through the experiences and thoughts of each main character, His story and Hers. The novel continues, weaving a single story with two unreliable narrators. There are many characters but they’re easy enough to keep up with.

Throughout the first half of the novel, I spent so much time note-taking, going back to previous chapters, and looking for the minutiae in hopes it would help me solve the question of who the perpetrator was. Let me tell you, I thought I knew who it was (and was very proud of this fact, holding my head high until the end of the book.) But there are quite a few red herrings and twists that will catch you when you least suspect it. I’m still reeling from the ending, not quite sure what to make of it. That’s the ONLY reason I wouldn’t give it Five Stars, it’s more of a 4-4.5.

If you’ve read this, I would LOVE to talk about it with you! Please leave your thoughts below or we can chat on bookstagram!


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