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October 13, 2020 in Blog - boundbythebook

You see a traffic light and what’s your first thought? Be honest.

“I’m already running late!”
“Ugh, why is it always me?”
“Well now I won’t have time to stop for that coffee I so need..”

I see a traffic light and all I see is red but all I hear is “Go, go, GO.” Traffic lights truly feel like they’re meant just to make us late and piss us off. Or if you live in Texas, they make you late and more likely to get stopped by a passing train. But what happens in all the seeing red and hearing go is dissonance. That’s what’s been happening to me for awhile. My body is pleading, “Stop” while my brain keeps shouting, “Go!”

Let’s Rewind

Back in June, July, or maybe even August (again, 🚥 scenario), @rebecca_serle posted (and I’m going to try to summarize) about increasing the diversity of books available to kiddos in schools. More black characters, more #ownstories from #ownvoices. She worked to connect us teachers to make this happen because it NEEDS to happen. These babies need to see themselves represented and hear stories relevant to them. So I connected with her, eager to increase this momentum and make a change, however small in my school.

Let’s Fast Forward

It’s October. The pandemic is in our schools, we’ve lost teachers to retirement, some resigned, and others got sick and literally left this world.

With all of this on our minds and hearts daily, typical life events don’t pause. I’ve been wrapped up so tightly in a stress ball, so overwhelmed and overworked with all things life and the constant threat and devastation of COVID-19. My body and brain: 🚥

I say all of this to say this: @rebecca_serle, this book could not have come on a better day than today. My brain stopped, as my body’s been pleading. Opening this book stopped me in my haste. @tamiwrites, you gave us something special. Something to hand to our students and tell them, “YOU matter. You always have, you always will and this is why.” Something that symbolizes love & hope and makes real the words within it.

Thank you both for helping my brain and my heart correct themselves and stop long enough to remember my purpose.


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